One sketch a Day


I am not much for New Years promises or wishes. The only time I wished something, the opposite occurred!

But when 2015 was coming to an end, I felt an urge to do some changes for the new year, 2016. One thing that I for long have wanted to do, is to do a sketch every day. It can be sketching, lettering or painting. Just something creative. It gives me both joy and peace to do such things, almost a form of meditation. I have begun this sort of challenge a couple of times but have always failed to fulfil them.

So this time I thought I should get a nice start with some help. Somewhere (I don´t know how) I stumbled over such a helper, tammie bennett. She is an illustrator but also gives an e-course named Tiny Daily Habits. It can be any sorts of habits, creative, sports or whatever you want. I thought I could give it a try.


So then I knew what habit to establish and my coach. But I also needed something to draw in, a sketchbook. To choose a sketchbook is a very serious thing. It can take me ages to find out which one to use. Mostly I also think that I will have to make the sketchbook myself and then I have to choose the right paper, the right size, the right cover …. I could go on like that for an infinite period of time. It is a sort of procrastination. As long as I have not decided on sketchbook I can´t start to draw.

This time I have chosen a ready made sketchbook from nuuna. It has blank papers with small dots. Not exactly the sort of sketchbook I often use. But it feels perfect just because it isn´t a regular sketchbook. To make drawings in it is not so prestigious as in a nice book with watercolour paper.


With a coach and a sketchbook I was on a way with no return. So I started on January 1, 2016. And now I have made a whole week of drawings. It gives me so much joy and peace of mind to do this. I hope I will carry on. Hopefully there will be more drawings to see on this page in the future.

Tammie has been a perfect coach so far and I don´t think I would have fixed this on my own.

week 1


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