A cold and sunny day


It has been a cold and sunny day today. The temperature was -13C in the morning. I have had a nice day indoors. One of my tasks has been to keep the fires in the kitchen stove and in the stove burning. In between I have made some paperwork and some drawing.

It has been a peaceful day and I can feel that my energy sources, that has been low, have had  the opportunity to recharge today. For a couple of months I have had a stressful time and have been able to notice how people are good or bad at meeting someone that is not feeling so well. It is not always easy to know what is the best way to behave when someone you know is having a hard time. For some people it comes natural what to do and others acts completely wrong. I read a very good article about this subject today. It is called the Ring Theory. If you draw a circle and put a small circle in the middle the small circle represent the person that is not feeling well. Around the small circle you can draw a lot of other circles. The first circle represents persons close to the person in the small circle, husband/wife, children, parents etc. Next circle represents persons a little bit less close to the person and then it goes on like that for each circle. The idea is that you always shall give comfort to persons that are on your level or on inner levels of the circle. The negative thoughts you may have in the situation are you only allowed to tell to people on levels outside yourself in the circle – comfort in, dump out. This is such a clever and simple description and so true. I will try to have that picture – comfort in, dump out – in my mind.


Above are my sketches from the last week. I have now done this for 17 days in a row. Tomorrow I will be in a meeting directly after work so I will take my sketchbook to the office and hope to be able to make my sketch during a break.

Today I have seen a short series of videos about how to build Creative Strength. My problem is first of all TIME. I feel that I have to do a lot of other things before I am allowed to sketch. The sketching is my reward for what I have done. And often the things I have to do takes so much time that there are no time for sketching. This is crazy. The sketching gives me so much positive energy and gives me peace of mind. So maybe I should put it on top of my to-do-list instead of a lot of other things. We will see next week if I succeed.



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